I bring proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, a keen understanding of color and composition, and experience in motion graphics and animation. I also have a knack for exceptional layout and typography.
With over three years in the design game, I've honed my skills and found my niche in vector graphics and logo design. I'm always up for a challenge, whether working with clients to bring their vision to life or coming up with designs on my own.
Collaborating with clients is one of the best parts of my job. I love getting to know their needs, hearing their ideas, and creating designs that they're pumped about. Good communication is key, and I always make sure to keep the lines of dialogue open.
When it comes to logos, I know they're a big deal. That's why I work closely with clients to make sure their logos look great and consistently represent their brand across all mediums – print, digital, you name it.
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My artstyle.
I've always been drawn to the minimalist aesthetic as an artist.
To me, minimalism is about getting rid of the unneeded and focusing on the important.
It's about making work that is straightforward but effective and that conveys its message with the fewest possible interruptions.
In my own work, I want to produce minimalistic compositions that are visually arresting and emotionally impactful.
I think that by keeping my color palette and composition simple, I can make art that is both elegant and powerful.
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"Audentes fortuna iuvat"

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