Name’s Edy. I make designs that innovate through dynamism and simplicity.

I’m a multidisciplinary self-taught designer, writer, photographer and developer.

Graphic Design

My design philosophy is “empathise, create and surprise”. I believe through effective communication and creative innovation we can make something outstanding.


Weaving creative ideas into narratives that leave readers in awe is what I do best. Be it writing, photography or music, I like to be a little adventurous.


I believe that the best way to solve a problem is to take a step back and tackle it from a different perspective. I bring people together and inspire them to give their all.


The path towards knowledge is paved by curiosity. I try to bring my ideas to life through coding cool stuff with frameworks such as .NET and Blazor.

“Eduard’s constant work, dedication and selflessness has certainly left a lasting impact on both our organisation and the public who came into contact with his work.”

Mihnea Flutur

President, CȘE CAB